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Patriotic Hot Dog


Don't forget to ask about specials!

Head over to the main concession stand located by the swimming pool for all of your fair favorites: hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream & more! 

A smaller stand by the carousel will have old-fashioned cotton candy and candied apples!

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Pavilions &

Dining Hall

Call 330-343-4644 to reserve!

Scattered across the park are picnic tables sized for both small gatherings and large company picnics!

Covered pavilions and an indoor dining hall next to Park Place Youth Center are available by reservation.

*We book 1 year in advance starting the 1st working day after January 1.

Dining Hall will seat 300 people or

30 people per row.

Each shelter row will seat 50 people.

NO smoking or alcoholic beverages.

New Phila Residents:       Non Residents:

Dining Hall: $50 per row    $85.00 per row  Entire Building: $300         $600               Shelters: $50 per row       $85 per row    

Winter Rates: $125.00

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